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travel diary: as lame as being a tourist gets | berlin, germany

By December 5, 2013 europe, germany, travel, travel diary

Day 2 started with breakfast at our fav cafe Böse Buben Bar. Today I managed to just order one breakfast. I think you can guess what they are 🙂

Boese Buben Bar Berlin Boese Buben Bar Pancakes Boese Buben Bar Pancakes

Having touched on the Berlin history yesterday, I was keen to learn more.

So we hopped on the hop on & off bus like true lame tourists.

Berlin city tour Berlin city tour Berlin city tour

For you shoppers, apparently this shopping centre is the holy grail!Berlin city tour

What’s worse is that we didn’t even get off, except to stop for lunch at Hard Rock. Seriously pathetic. I won’t lie though, it was nice just driving past all the monuments, taking a snap, all from the comfort of the heated bus.

Juicy pork ribs…

Hard Rock Cafe Lunch Hard Rock Cafe Lunch

Pulled pork burger… DSCF2526

Washed down with a chocolate shake…Hard Rock Cafe Lunch

I think I might die. Hankering for dessert (how is that possible?) I stumbled across this make your own chocolate shop, Ritter Sport. I can’t believe I didn’t think of this idea!

You get to create your own chocolate. Starting with a base of milk or dark, you add whatever fillings your chocolate heart desires and pick it up in 30 minutes. Divine!

I went for milk with chilli, almonds and gold chocolate stars and I wasn’t disappointed.

Chocolate Berlin Chocolate Berlin

If chocolate isn’t your thing, they have you covered. Chocolate Berlin

It didn’t last the afternoon.Chocolate Berlin

After a brief lie-down, we headed off for dinner at Dicke Wirtin, for traditional german fare.

Dicke Wirtin

It has a very Christmasy feel…

Dicke Wirtin Anisa Dicke Wirtin Ryan Dicke Wirtin Dicke Wirtin Dicke Wirtin Dicke Wirtin Dicke Wirtin

Mister Officer here to ensure we stay in line…Dicke Wirtin

We started off with bubbles and beers…Dicke Wirtin drinksDicke Wirtin drinks

I opted for the smoked pork & at least a kg of potato bake… and the mister for schnitzel. Dicke Wirtin Smoked PorkDicke Wirtin Schnitzel

And just to ensure my sugar coma wasn’t going anywhere… chocolate cake and apple strudel for dessert.Dicke Wirtin Chocolate CakeDicke Wirtin Chocolate CakeDicke Wirtin Apple Strudel  Dicke Wirtin Apple Strudel

Now I really might die. I need to lie down.

Read more about my Berlin here.

The Macadame. xx

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