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travel diary: exploring by food | berlin, germany

By December 5, 2013 europe, germany, travel, travel diary

Just recovering from my day of food, we decided to stretch our legs on a self-directed walking tour of Berlin.

Some shots along the way…Berlin city 8Berlin city 7Berlin city 6Berlin city 5Berlin city 2Berlin city 4Berlin city 3Berlin city 1Berlin city

We walked down to the East Side Gallery, stopping for some Currywurst on the way… these were the best we found in Berlin. It’s cart is right next to the start of the gallery. Have one for me when you are there 🙂

Berlin Bratwurst

Berlin Original Bratwurst

We planned to meet our hosts out the front. We arrived to find it wasn’t a specific building as such, but an outdoor gallery. The longest open air gallery in fact. Here remains 1,316m of the wall that divided East & West Berlin, covered in several pieces of artwork and some senseless graffiti by complete tools. Who defaces such an important piece of history?

There was a sea of tourists taking 1,843,576 photos. Yes me included. No way we were finding our friends. Fail.

Some of my fav parts of the wall…East side gallery 6East side gallery 5East side gallery 4East side gallery 3East side gallery 2East side gallery  1East side gallery

Feeling hungry, as I often do, we hopped on over to Mogg & Melzer. Recommended to us by a local. Here you’ll find an uber trendy deli style cafe with bench seats and a menu with English translation – winning!

Mogg & Melzer 8 Mogg & Melzer 5 Mogg & Melzer 1 Mogg & Melzer 2 Mogg & Melzer 3

Although I will warn you, the restaurant is soooo trendy, that the staff won’t serve you. Be prepared to ask for a menu (several times), beg to place a order and don’t even get me started on trying to get the bill.

Not that I would complain about a free lunch, but if I walked out in a huff, somehow I don’t think they would send me on my merry way.

The excellent food,  just made up for the poor service.

The Meatball Soup…Mogg & Melzer Meatball SoupMogg & Melzer Ball Soup

The Pastrami Sandwich…Mogg & Melzer Pastrami SandwichMogg & Melzer Pastrami

For dessert we opted for the crumble of the day, which was plum…Mogg & Melzer Plum Crumble

And the baked cheesecake, sorry about the quality of the photo. Still trying to figure out my new camera. Mogg & Melzer Cheesecake

And – look who we found! Our hosts! Mogg & Melzer 7Mogg & Melzer

The night continues, and I promise you it’s not just ALL about food.

The Macadame. xx

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