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travel diary: i don’t get it | berlin, germany

By December 5, 2013 europe, germany, travel, travel diary

After lunch, it was dark already. Only 4pm and sky was turning black. So I experimented a bit with my new camera.Berlin at night 1Berlin at night 2Berlin at night

Our friends stumbled across an art exhibition which had it’s opening night this very night, just across the road from us. So we scooted on over. How very Berlin of us.

It was the Christoph Schlingensief exhibition held at the KW Institute for Contemporary Art.

We entered into  a pretty little courtyard faintly lit with fairy lights…

Christoph Schlingensief courtyard  2 Christoph Schlingensief courtyard  1 Christoph Schlingensief courtyard

After entering, I am a little embarrassed to say, I had no idea what I was looking at. I am afraid to say i’m not very art savvy .

Christoph Schlingensief exhibition  1Christoph Schlingensief exhibition 2    Christoph Schlingensief exhibition 6Christoph Schlingensief exhibition 7Christoph Schlingensief exhibition 8Christoph Schlingensief exhibition 9Christoph Schlingensief exhibition  

Maybe it was the language barrier but I just didn’t get it.

However, Art News writes his work up much better than I could.

From what I could gather, it is a collection of films, theatre pieces and exhibitions that touch on media representations of current events, politics, German history, fascism, Christianity and the institution of family.

I wouldn’t recommend taking your kids though, there are some very disturbing videos.

We even had to stop for a break…Christoph Schlingensief drinks  1Christoph Schlingensief drinks 2Christoph Schlingensief drinks 3Christoph Schlingensief drinks

More my style, we headed to the cocktail bar across the road, Pauly Saal. Here I found the best cocktails I have found since leaving Australia. If you go, ask for Bobbi and her Kiss Me Pisco.Pauly Saal cocktails Pauly Saal cocktails 1  Pauly Saal cocktails 4

Or her other delicious cocktails…Pauly Saal Kiss Me Pisco 1 Pauly Saal Kiss Me Pisco Pauly Saal Mint Julep

Had to sneak in my bubbles somewhere…Pauly Saal champagnePauly Saal cocktails 5

Feeling a bit peckish… when am I not? We headed off for late night Vietnamese at Monsieur Vuong. Is there anything better?

We ordered the Vietnamese SaladMonsieur Vuong 2Monsieur Vuong 2Monsieur Vuong

And the Tempura PrawnsMonsieur Vuong tempura

And the Spring RollsMonsieur Vuong Spring Rolls

And the Chicken WingsChicken Wings

And the Noodle SoupMonsieur Vuong Noodle Soup 1Monsieur Vuong Noodle Soup

And Coconut Pudding & Green Tea for dessert…Monsieur Vuong dessertMonsieur Vuong tea

I fibbed a little didn’t I? This was mostly about food in the end.

The Macadame. xx

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