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travel diary: on the streets | berlin, germany

By December 7, 2013 europe, germany, travel, travel diary

I’d read that the cafe just around the corner from where we were staying was the closest to a Melbourne cafe you would get in Europe.

I won’t say no to that.

Melbourne Cantine in Neukölln is a trendy cafe which in fact does somewhat emulate the Melbourne-esque hipster vibe.

However don’t expect to get in & out quickly. It took 30+ minutes to put in an order, our food was served 30 minutes after that and the worst of it, our coffees arrived 10 minutes after our food was finished. I can’t even.

Melbourne Canteen Berlin Melbourne Canteen Berlin 1

The corn fritters were very Melbourne, but not amazing. Melbourne Canteen Berlin

Can’t say that my belated coffee improved the grumpiness I suffer in the mornings. Yes it’s a medical condition.

As we slowly meandered to the Bahaus Design & Architecture Museum, we stopped for some glühwein on the way. Which did wonders for my frosty fingers.Berlin gluwein 1Berlin gluwein Bahaus Berlin 1Bahaus Berlin

An hour or two of perusing iconic German design, and to save me from spending $207,856 on a lamp (ahem, yes, it’s a necessity), the mister dragged me to hunt down Berlin’s (some say the worlds) best kebab.

After a 5km chilly walk, we arrived at Mustafa’s cart to find a line big enough to make you cry. No really, I shed a tear.

But I was with the hangry mister so we plonked ourselves in for the long haul.Mustafas Berlin 2Mustafas Berlin 1Mustafas Berlin

After 90 minutes of calculating the wait time, by the “minute per customer” ratio (no, I promise we did this), we finally made it to the front of the line.

And I won’t lie, it was worth it. After seeing almost everyone order the sandwich thingy instead of the kebab, we decided to take the plunge and order one of both. Both were good, but i’d go for the sandwich any day. Mustafas kebab Berlin 2Mustafas kebab Berlin 1Mustafas kebab Berlin

After scoffing our faces, we ran on over to meet our hosts at the Christmas markets for some xmas fun.Christmas Markets Berlin Christmas Markets Berlin 2Berlin Ferris Wheel Berlin xmas markets

For dessert we found these baked apples stuffed with cinnamon sugary goodness, and a side of spiked apple cider.Christmas markets Berlin Apples 7Christmas markets Berlin Apples 6Christmas markets Berlin Apples 5Christmas markets Berlin Apples 4Christmas markets Berlin Apples 1Christmas markets Berlin Apples 3Christmas markets Berlin Apples

And some dutch pancakesDutch pancakes

Washed down with some rum hot chocolate… Hot chocolate 2 Hot chocolate 1 Hot chocolate Hot chocolate 5

I wouldn’t recommend these shortbread balls… nothing but dry sugar with stale chocolate…Xmas shortbread balls

Watching the ice skaters stack was good fun…Berlin ice skaters 1Berlin ice skaters

This sums up our time in Berlin and I loved it.

What better way to spend our last day in Berlin than wandering the streets hunting for kebabs and celebrating christmas early?

If you go, have some bratwurst & beer for me 🙂

The Macadame. xx

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