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travel diary: from cities to snow | courmayeur, italy

By December 8, 2013 europe, italy, travel, travel diary

Being an Australian, it’s still such a novelty that you can be in 3 countries in a week. Wake up in Germany on Monday, spend the week in France & pop on over to Italy on the weekend. #jetsetter

The lifts aren’t open yet in Chamonix, nor has there been enough snow, so we headed over to Courmayeur in Italy for the day.

An early start by my standards. 8am and it’s still just becoming light. The city is so pretty at this time of day.

After a morning of “finding my feet” back on the board (aka sliding down the mountain on my back-side), we needed a break.

We stopped for lunch at La Chaumiere at 1,746m. Being in Italy & all, we couldn’t go past a pizza. Although all the food that came out of the kitchen looked delicious. Don’t expect to get in & out quickly though as their service is v slow. 

Courmayeur day 5Courmayeur day 6Courmayeur day 7Courmayeur day Courmayeur day - Anisa 5Courmayeur day - Anisa 4Courmayeur day - Anisa 3Courmayeur day - Anisa 2Courmayeur day - Anisa 1Courmayeur day - Anisa

After a few more runs, it was time to head back to France. I’m not good enough for action shots just yet, so you’ll have to settle for these. Courmayeur day 2Courmayeur day 3

The sun was starting to set on Courmayeur.Courmayeur day 8Courmayeur day 9

Arriving back to Chamonix in the dark, the city has lit up all pretty for us. Chamonix at night 2Chamonix at night 1Chamonix at night

This is a bottle picked up in our meanderings around the Burgundy Wine Region, which we had promise we’d save until our first day on the slopes. How very well behaved of us to actually follow through 🙂

Today’s the day, so crack that baby open! Pommard wine

Served with a delicious steak topped with the misters’ Diane sauce & hand cut chips. Steak diane

Then off to see Dan Milner’s exhibition of photos from his trek across Afghanistan on a mountain bike.

Anisa Dan Milner 2Anisa Dan Milner 1Anisa Dan Milner

He’s a professional photographer who joined a pro mountain biking mission across areas of Afghanistan never before been experienced on the bike.

The photos are incredible. Although, I can definitely say I was glad I wasn’t on the trip.

The Macadame. xx

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