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travel diary: a white christmas | chamonix, france

By December 28, 2013 europe, france, travel, travel diary

I was delighted to wake up on Christmas morning to this package… Santa really does find you wherever you are!Just for Mum {Christmas time} - 01

I did ask for snow, but I think he mustn’t have heard me 🙁

However upon further investigation, I found it was sent by my dear mummy…. the postage would have cost twice the value of the items but it was wonderful being able to open presents from home. Just for Mum {Christmas time} - 02

Our gifts included chocolate, mugs for keeping tea hot on the slopes, pudding, biscuits, scratchies and did I mention chocolate?

We also got given a photo walk, where a guide takes you around the valley and helps you get the best photos. And lunch for two at Auberge du Bois Prin. My mum knows me too well. Photos & food. Thanks mum!

And we won a free scratchie! Although I do have to send it back to Australia to claim it, so I am not sure it’s worth it?

After a lazy morning opening gifts & Skyping the family, we jetted on over for lunch at Monkey. They claim to be “pretty much the best bar in the world” and they’re not far off. The bar is multi levelled and is a great spot for apres ski. Plus as far as pub food goes, they are one of the best in the town.

The day started with bottomless champagne cocktails…Just for Mum {Christmas time} - 03Just for Mum {Christmas time} - 05Just for Mum {Christmas time} - 04

For starters there were sausage rolls… I haven’t had one for years and I had almost forgotten how damn good they are…Just for Mum {Christmas time} - 07

And black pudding topped with an appley sauce… which was surprisingly good…Just for Mum {Christmas time} - 08

And prawn biscuit thingys…Just for Mum {Christmas time} - 06

Lunch was turkey with all sorts of sides…Just for Mum {Christmas time} - 11Just for Mum {Christmas time} - 10

And dessert was chocolate cake and apple pie… sorry I was too excited to eat it to get any better shots…Just for Mum {Christmas time} - 13

Love this jumper? It’s from Mango. I can’t find it online so here is a similar one.

The Mango Waffle Knit from ASOS, and it would look really cute with this beanie.

I’ve even caught the attention of a fellow guest…Just for Mum {Christmas time} - 12

Thoroughly stuffed, we took ourselves home for a movie in bed. Then picked up a sneaky pizza for dinner… I could think of no better way to spend a Christmas abroad…Just for Mum {Christmas time} - 14Just for Mum {Christmas time} - 15

Turns out Santa did hear me, but he was just tardy this year… because look what I woke up to today? Just for Mum {Christmas time} - 16

And isn’t it glorious? Picture perfect winter wonderland… Just for Mum {Christmas time} - 17

After a day of boarding, we went to lunch to celebrate the return of “la neige”!

Chambre Neuf in town do a great Plat du Jour. Today’s was Swedish Meatballs, which we both wanted. Sadly they only had 1 left, sharing is caring right? Just for Mum {Christmas time} - 19

With an order of Bouillabaisse to start… Just for Mum {Christmas time} - 18Just for Mum {Christmas time} - 22

And the “Toast”… which was a salted focaccia topped with prawns & mayo… and which was, ahem… all mine…Just for Mum {Christmas time} - 20Just for Mum {Christmas time} - 21 

And the Tartufo dessert for good measure… it’s chocolatey date flavour went perfectly with the vanilla bean ice cream and biscuit crumbs…Just for Mum {Christmas time} - 23 

Calories don’t count at Christmas right?

The Macadame. xx

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  • Reply Margaret McBride December 28, 2013 at 10:36 pm

    Santa can find you anywhere Mademoiselle C! So happy you had such a good day away from home.

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  • Reply Beers & Bowls {Chamonix} | The Macadame March 20, 2014 at 3:22 pm

    […] the day, Chambre is a relaxed restaurant bar where you can have a casual lunch but come 4pm it transforms into a nightclub/rock concert. They serve great Plat du Jours and every […]

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