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travel diary: yellowstone, usa

By January 8, 2014 travel, travel diary, usa

After our weekend in San Fran, we were up bright & early destined for Yellowstone National Park.

We flew to Bozeman in Montana and arrived in this baby…

Holy Geyser {Yellowstone} | Cream. - 01

For those of you not familiar with Yellowstone, I will give you the D.L. What does that stand for anyway?

  • It is a national park predominantly in Wyoming, but it does extend to Idaho and Montana.
  • There are 4 entrances (East, West, North, South).
  • It covers 8,900+ km2.
  •  Yellowstone Lake is one of the largest high-altitude lakes in North America and is centered over theYellowstone Caldera, the largest supervolcano on the continent.
  • The caldera is considered an active volcano. It has erupted with tremendous force several times in the last two million years. Half of the world’s geothermal features are in Yellowstone, fueled by this ongoing volcanism.

In summary, it’s pretty damn cool and you’re gonna want to go after you see these pics.

We stayed at  at the Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel managed by Yellowstone National Park Lodges. They manage all 9 of the in-park lodgings. There are loads of other options outside the park boundaries too, but given we only had 3 nights, we wanted to make the most of the time we had there.

There are loads of hikes but we went there for the volcanic geysers.

This is really just a photo diary of the simply incredible scenery. It’s like nothing I have ever seen before.

Some of my favourite (yes there were many) geyser shots… I am KICKING myself I didn’t invest in a better camera as some of the shots are grainy…

Holy Geyser {Yellowstone} | Cream. - 42 Holy Geyser {Yellowstone} | Cream. - 40 Holy Geyser {Yellowstone} | Cream. - 36 Holy Geyser {Yellowstone} | Cream. - 37 Holy Geyser {Yellowstone} | Cream. - 38 Holy Geyser {Yellowstone} | Cream. - 34 Holy Geyser {Yellowstone} | Cream. - 35 Holy Geyser {Yellowstone} | Cream. - 32 Holy Geyser {Yellowstone} | Cream. - 29 Holy Geyser {Yellowstone} | Cream. - 30 Holy Geyser {Yellowstone} | Cream. - 31 Holy Geyser {Yellowstone} | Cream. - 28 Holy Geyser {Yellowstone} | Cream. - 25 Holy Geyser {Yellowstone} | Cream. - 26 Holy Geyser {Yellowstone} | Cream. - 27 Holy Geyser {Yellowstone} | Cream. - 23 Holy Geyser {Yellowstone} | Cream. - 24 Holy Geyser {Yellowstone} | Cream. - 21 Holy Geyser {Yellowstone} | Cream. - 22 Holy Geyser {Yellowstone} | Cream. - 18 Holy Geyser {Yellowstone} | Cream. - 19 Holy Geyser {Yellowstone} | Cream. - 16 Holy Geyser {Yellowstone} | Cream. - 10 Holy Geyser {Yellowstone} | Cream. - 11

Here’s morning glory… looks good enough to go for a dip right?

DON’T! It’s hot enough to melt the flesh off your bones…

A park guide told us a sad story about a dog who ran towards a geyser to jump in, his owner, without thinking ran after him and they both fell in… I don’t think I need to spell it out for you?Holy Geyser {Yellowstone} | Cream. - 07Holy Geyser {Yellowstone} | Cream. - 08 Holy Geyser {Yellowstone} | Cream. - 09 Holy Geyser {Yellowstone} | Cream. - 05  Holy Geyser {Yellowstone} | Cream. - 02 Holy Geyser {Yellowstone} | Cream. - 03 Holy Geyser {Yellowstone} | Cream. - 04

We were lucky to see a geyser erupt… quite a rarity for this one i’ve heard…Holy Geyser {Yellowstone} | Cream. - 14

Here is some more of the beautiful scenery…Holy Geyser {Yellowstone} | Cream. - 06Holy Geyser {Yellowstone} | Cream. - 17Holy Geyser {Yellowstone} | Cream. - 20Holy Geyser {Yellowstone} | Cream. - 33Holy Geyser {Yellowstone} | Cream. - 39Holy Geyser {Yellowstone} | Cream. - 41Holy Geyser {Yellowstone} | Cream. - 44Holy Geyser {Yellowstone} | Cream. - 43Holy Geyser {Yellowstone} | Cream. - 45Holy Geyser {Yellowstone} | Cream. - 46

Now here’s Old Faithful geyser. She’s (geysers feel like she’s to me) erupted every 90 minutes (approx) since, well, the dawn of time I guess? Certainly since any recording was made…  Holy Geyser {Yellowstone} | Cream. - 15 

Tired from our day exploring, we decided to hitch hike home… don’t do this at home folks!

Surprisingly (or not maybe?) at least 1,566 cars passed us without so much as a glance. We don’t look scary do we? Holy Geyser {Yellowstone} | Cream. - 12Holy Geyser {Yellowstone} | Cream. - 13

Also when you’re there, make sure you try the bison. It’s delicious….

I tried Bison Kebabs


And Bison Steak


However live bison you need to be more careful of.

A park guide told us that he has had a tourist ask if they could hug a bison. No, true story. They are very dangerous, so no, you can’t hug them.

The adventure continues:

More on the US adventure here.

Anisa – The Macadames xx

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