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travel diary: yosemite, usa

By January 10, 2014 travel, travel diary, usa

To the Top {Yosemite} | Cream. - 07

After Yellowstone, we jetted off to Vegas for the weekend. But what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas right?

So the next instalment of my adventure was joining a Topdeck tour headed for California, Arizona and Utah.

This tour is an awesome road trip in south-west USA that loops from LA through Las Vegas and San Francisco. I did the Vegas to Vegas loop, but you can get off at any of the 3 cities.  I chose it because it was hitting 3 of the main national parks, Yosemite, Zion and The Grand Canyon.

If you like outdoorsy stuff, this tour is for you!

Here is the map:


I joined them in Vegas and our first stop was Yosemite National Park. We were greeted with this sublime view…To the Top {Yosemite} | Cream. - 04To the Top {Yosemite} | Cream. - 03To the Top {Yosemite} | Cream. - 08To the Top {Yosemite} | Cream. - 05  To the Top {Yosemite} | Cream. - 06 

I will continue with the trend and give you the D.L for Yosemite, if you’ve never been:

  • Located in California, 1 hour drive from San Francisco.
  • It covers 3,080 km2.
  • It reaches across the western slopes of the Sierra Nevada mountain chain.
  • Although over 3.7 million people visit Yosemite each year, most spend their time in the 18 km2 of the valley.

We stayed in tented cabins at Curry Village, in the Yosemite Valley. I would highly recommend this because it’s super close to all the main hikes and it’s home to the only building I could find with wi-fi. Sold you now haven’t I?

Oh FYI – Yosemite has bears. So you can’t have ANYTHING and I mean NU-THIN that has a scent of any kind in your cabin of a night. Yep that means food, drink (dahhh!), perfume, face & body products, lip balm, sunscreen… get it? Just clothes & water. I wouldn’t even risk the water.

But don’t worry most cabins have “bear boxes” where you can lock all your scented stuff for the night.

Okay enough of the lecturing. Back to Yosemite. There are loads of good hikes, for all fitness levels so check this list out for more details.

I went for Upper Yosemite Falls, 12kms with 790m gain. This is where I was heading…To the Top {Yosemite} | Cream. - 07

Here I am all spritely faced… not quite aware of the hell ahead…To the Top {Yosemite} | Cream. - 01

It was truly hell. But with this view – it was worth it! To the Top {Yosemite} | Cream. - 10To the Top {Yosemite} | Cream. - 09To the Top {Yosemite} | Cream. - 14    To the Top {Yosemite} | Cream. - 17To the Top {Yosemite} | Cream. - 16

1 hour 59 minutes later, I arrive.To the Top {Yosemite} | Cream. - 19

I need a lie down before the mission back down…To the Top {Yosemite} | Cream. - 20 To the Top {Yosemite} | Cream. - 21

A sucker for punishment… I also take a stroll to Mirror Lake...To the Top {Yosemite} | Cream. - 02To the Top {Yosemite} | Cream. - 11To the Top {Yosemite} | Cream. - 13To the Top {Yosemite} | Cream. - 15To the Top {Yosemite} | Cream. - 12

That concludes my Yosemite adventure, next up I go back to The Bay with my tour.

The adventure continues:

More on the US adventure here.

Anisa – The Macadames xx

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