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travel diary: zion, usa

By February 5, 2014 travel, travel diary, usa

If you thought Monument Valley was cool, you’ll love Zion National Park.

Zion | Cream. - 21

Sorry no funny travel stories for this journey.

If you’ve never been, here are a few fun facts:

  • Located in the Southwestern United States, near Springdale, Utah.
  • It covers 590 km2.
  • A prominent feature of the park is Zion Canyon, which is 24 km long and up to 800 m deep, cut through the reddish and tan-colored Navajo Sandstone by the North Fork of the Virgin River.
  • The geology of the Zion and Kolob canyons area includes 9 formations that together represent 150 million years of mostly Mesozoic-aged sedimentation. Wowzers that’s old.

We didn’t stay here, but here is a list for accommodation near Zion.

Zion | Cream. - 09

There are loads of good hikes, I did the hike to Angels Landing. An 8km thrilling, yet strenuous hike. The trail follows a narrow rock face climaxing with a lofty perch boasting views of the whole park.

It’s a very intimidating hike which includes sections where you need to scale vertical surfaces and pull yourself up by chains. Not for the faint hearted.

You can just make out the winding path all the way up to the top…Zion | Cream. - 05

Here are the chains… it was a bit dicy at times…Zion | Cream. - 03

If you’re not too much of a dare devil, see this list of other hikes in Zion.

Even if you only make it half way up, it’s worth it…Zion | Cream. - 11 Zion | Cream. - 12 Zion | Cream. - 10 Zion | Cream. - 13Zion | Cream. - 01

But the top is something special…Zion | Cream. - 02  Zion | Cream. - 04  Zion | Cream. - 06Zion | Cream. - 08

Zion | Cream. - 20 Zion | Cream. - 19 Zion | Cream. - 18 Zion | Cream. - 17 Zion | Cream. - 16 Zion | Cream. - 15 Zion | Cream. - 14

I think this just was my favourite park thus far. I think you can see why.

The adventure continues:

More on the US adventure here.

Anisa – The Macadames xx

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