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travel diary: beers & bowls | chamonix, france

By March 9, 2014 europe, france, travel, travel diary

I’ve never liked bowling.

The shoes are ugly. The balls are heavy. I almost always hit less than 3 balls and the bars never have any decent wine. Gosh I sound like a snob.

Notwithstanding, I have never really understood why it’s an activity that most people enjoy.

So when our guests said they wanted to go bowling, I tagged along to try & see if I could find some fun in it.

I chucked on my stretchy Zara tights (maximum movement for those strikes I was going to get – pays to be positive) & grabbed my camera (to capture the wins) and we headed off. Bowls & Beers | The Macadame - 01 

There is one bowling alley in Chamonix and it’s in Cham Sud. They also have mini golf, pool a bar and free wi-fi. The bowling is slightly on the exxy side at 10 euros a game but you could easily drag it out & make an afternoon of it.

Make sure you call to check they are open before you go; their website says they open at 2pm on cloudy days and 5pm on sunny days (I assume the owners must really like to ski).

I suppose these aren’t too bad are they?

Bowls & Beers | The Macadame - 03

The even look kinda cute when they’re teamed with the ball.

Bowls & Beers 1 | The Macadame

Bowls & Beers | The Macadame - 06

My bowling style seemed to be a laughing matter – what do you think?

Bowls & Beers | The Macadame

I didn’t care though, I told you I’d get a strike!

My first (and probably my last) one.

Bowls & Beers | The Macadame - 12

Robbie blamed the wall for cramping his style.Bowls & Beers | The Macadame - 05 Bowls & Beers | The Macadame - 04

But we all knew Dee was the fair & square winner!

Bowls & Beers | The Macadame - 13

I was just happy to beat the mister, sadly though, he didn’t share my glee.

After the game we headed to  Chambre Neuf for apres-ski drinks.

During the day, Chambre is a relaxed restaurant bar where you can have a casual lunch but come 4pm it transforms into a nightclub/rock concert. They serve great Plat du Jours and every salad I’ve had their has been great!

Every day bar Saturday they have a rock band play that really know how to get the party started. Now i’ve tried to go here before but I’ve never managed to be there to see the band play.

Not that I actually saw them this time (it was far too busy), but I definitely heard them. You can expect covers across all genres, from rock anthems to current pop tunes. I think I heard them play Katy Perry.

It was so packed there was a line and we had to wait for 15 minutes before we could even go in, and due to my height, once we were in, it meant spending an hour at armpit level inhaling a full day’s snowboard sweat. Lovely.

Bowls & Beers | The Macadame - 18

Notwithstanding, it definitely is the place to be in the afternoons, just make sure you either come early to snag a seat (I hear they do take reservations) or wear clothes you’re willing to have covered in sweat and beer. But hey that’s what being at the snow is for right?

We only lasted about an hour before we headed home for a home cooked meal.

Not without a snow fight on the way. Bowls & Beers 2  The Macadame

Now it seems our guests have a soft spot for bar snacks so the mister made up his special version of loaded potato wedges. They were basically hand cut wedges covered in garlic and “Reggae sauce” (don’t ask, I have no idea) and topped with molten cheese.

Bowls & Beers | The Macadame - 30

The mister was thoroughly spoiling us, as he also made his famous dianne sauce which we lathered onto our steaks.

Bowls & Beers | The Macadame - 31

The next day we took the guys to one of our favourite pubs – Elevation 1904.

It’s a traditional english style pub which serves a range of pub style food including burgers, paninis, sandwiches, salads & desserts.  They’re open all day & serve breakfast too, including a full English breakfast for your Brtis missing home.

I always find it always has a fun and relaxed vibe, no matter what time of day.

Bowls & Beers | The Macadame - 28

Bowls & Beers | The Macadame - 29

This is the hamburger with bacon.

Bowls & Beers | The Macadame - 23

Bowls & Beers | The Macadame - 25

And this is the extra large cheeseburger.Bowls & Beers | The Macadame - 24

We tried to be healthy and ordered Caesar Salads. It did make me feel slightly healthier.

Bowls & Beers | The Macadame - 22

Bowls & Beers | The Macadame - 21

Which I felt for all of 2 minutes until I caved and ordered the chocolate brownie.

Bowls & Beers | The Macadame - 27

Which was so.damn.good.

It’s with that sweet note, I will sign out this post.

I only have 1 final post about our visit from friends, but I promise it’s a pretty one – I will be showing off some photos taken with my new DSLR camera 🙂

The Macadame. xx

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