A bit about The Macadames.

This blog is tribute to my way of life. Finding the beauty in simple things. Laughing more. Worrying less. Clean eating mostly. Indulging often. Wholesome living. Being present. Being KIND. Travelling more. Becoming what you eat and enjoying every last bite of it. Making your own magic. Keeping it local. Choosing seasonly. Taking the time to learn. Exploring your back yard. Thinking happy thoughts. Being active. Appreciating yourself. Making mistakes and being happy about it. Getting outside more. Not sweating the small stuff. Aiming for big things. Being content with less. Going out. Exploring. Cooking for people. Letting others cook for you. Learning to slow down. Knowing when to get on with it. Being grateful. Being the best version of yourself.

Cooking and travelling are my two passions so starting a blog was a natural progression to share my recipes, adventures, stories and photography. I love to cook everything and I have wanderlust to go everywhere (literally everywhere!!!).

I’m all about balance. To me, clean eating and indulging aren’t mutually exclusive. Life is not about counting calories, cutting out sugar, growing all your own food or denying yourself life’s pleasures, it’s about making conscious and educated decisions about what you eat and why you eat it. You can have your cake, but eat your greens too. It’s learning about your food, where it came from, it’s story. It’s about nourishing yourself so you feel whole. Food is much more than sustenance. Food brings people together, sharing, experiencing, laughing, creating memories. That’s what it’s all about. 

In the kitchen, I tend to gravitate towards decadent treats, dishes from around the world and ice cream (even creating a healthy ice cream ebook). I try to cook mostly wholesome food, and whilst I still use sugars, white flours and butter, I try to make every recipe as least processed as possible and using the best ingredients available. I’m all about balancing the good stuff with the naughty stuff.

In my travels, I love experiencing it all, from campervanning on a budget to splashing out on lush accommodation now and then. I love hiking amazing trails and finding hidden beaches. I feel at home in snow capped mountains (Chamonix will always have my heart). I love seeing the world and sharing photos and my experiences with you.

Here you’ll find a collection of my travel adventures, my favourite Canberra haunts (somewhat harder now with a beautiful baby girl) and recipes from my table + beyond. My adventures in life. My story.

Thanks for stopping by, you always make my day. I hope you enjoy my adventures, my recipes and my (somewhat badly written) musings around the globe. If you want to know more… scroll below. xx

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A bit about me.

I’m a food lover with restless feet that calls Canberra, Australia home. A few years ago I spent 18 glorious months travelling Europe, living in Chamonix, exploring endless countries in our camper van and stopping to smell the roses. I started this blog to follow my travels, my adventures in cooking and capture the moments of my slow(er) paced and deliciously spent life. I fell in love with photography and using it to inspire myself and others.

My background is building and construction management and I have a builder’s licence, now days I am a stay at home mum and photographer of all things lovely.

Favourite things: strong coffee, rainy days, slow weekends, travelling, getting shit done, ribs, cool weather, oaked chardonnay, setting the table, learning French, swimming in the rain, travelling, warming up after a freezing day, long dinners with friends, French wine, autumn landscapes, the beach, snow.

Inspirations: so many to list, but to name a few, Zaira Zarotti at The Freaky Table, Valentina at Hortus Cuisine, Lean at Lean TimmsBeth Kirby at Local Milk, Eva Kosmas Flores at Adventures in Cooking, Linda Lomelino at Call Me Cupcake, Carey at Reclaiming ProvincialSam at Drizzle & DipHelene at Tartelette and many, many more.

My life: I am married to a lovely man who puts up with me thinks i’m pretty cute (isn’t that right babe?). He is my my biggest fan (and investor), supporter and taste tester. Apart from the fact he doesn’t LIKE CHOCOLATE (I mean who is he?), he’s perfect.

We recently welcomed our darling baby girl Remy 11 weeks early, and although that wasn’t quite the start to motherhood I expected I am having (fun?) navigating being a first time parent. This involves many new things. Leaving the house covered in vomit (and not caring). Standing in line for coffee whilst rocking back and forth making shhhhh sounds (without my baby in tow). Washing. Lots of washing. Learning about sleep routines and failing at them smashing them. Spending most days utterly exhausted but totally in love. Although difficult at times, I relish the messiness of my new life. This video depicts my feelings well. Update: she’s now one and doing so well. She’s a happy, chubby and wonderfully chatty baby.

All my photographs are taken are using natural light, my Canon 6D/Canon 5D Mark IV and either a 100mm f/2.8 Macro, 50mm f/1.2 or 24-70mm f/2.8 + almost always free-hold. I really should bother learn how to use my tripod but I haven’t got around to it yet.

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