How To Keep Herbs Fresh

By November 18, 2013 kitchen tips, recipes

Don’t dig limpy, wilty coriander? Dry and discoloured parsley not your thing?

Want to keep fresh herbs, well, fresh?  Yeah, me too. Read on to learn how.

Coriander (Cilantro), Basil & Parsley

These are pretty much just like flowers. So just trim the ends & pop into a small glass of water. Some people say don’t put them in the fridge, but I find this works perfectly well for parsley and coriander. However I find, basil fares better  at room temperature. I’ve heard that by putting a clear plastic sheet over the herbs keeps them longer, but I have never bothered and mine have lasted just fine.

Keep herbs fresh basil

Keep herbs fresh parsley

Keep herbs fresh parsley

Rosemary, Thyme, Chives

I find the best way to store these herbs is by wrapping them in glad-wrap and popping them into the warmest part of the fridge (like the door).

Keep herbs fresh rosemary

Drying fresh herbs

Have more than you know what to do with? Well then save on your next shopping trip and dry them yourself. You can leave them whole if you’re drying rosemary, oregano, thyme etc, chopped if it’s parsley, basil etc. Leave them to dry in a cool dark place for a few days, make sure they are exposed to the air (a plate or in a tupperware container without the lid works well). Then pop them in the fridge in a re-sealable container.

You need never throw good herbs away again.

The Macadame. xx

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