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By December 11, 2013 europe, greece, travel

Next stop on “Road Trip Wing It” was Monemvasia.


Want to know how we got here? Read about the start of my adventure here.

By now I am really digging this whole wingin’ it thing. The world hasn’t ended because I didn’t book 6 months in advance, and surprisingly loads of accommodation is available. Plus it’s kind of exhilarating not knowing what you’re doing next. #imtotallychillthesedays

Monemvasia is a small little island 400m from the mainland, having been separated during an earthquake in 375A.D.

Today a road connects the mainland town of New Monemvasia (real original!) to Old Monemvasia where the castle  from Byzantium times till remains.

The old town itself is a maze of cobbled streets that are home to restaurants, bars, little shops and then lead up to the ruins of the castle, several houses and 4 of the some 40 churches that were there in it’s hey day.


We stayed at Panorama Hotel in the New Town.  It is a clean and modern hotel which we chose as it had a great price point when we were about to splurge in Santorini in the coming weeks.  It’s a bit of a walk so for you kids that don’t do long walks up steep hills, I would recommend staying closer into town.

Food + Drink

We had dinner at Matoula Restaurant which has a nice terrace and overlooking the water and serves local greek food.


We couldn’t walk past the cute crepe place on the way home. The mister has been off sugar for a while. He’s always on some crazy new diet. The sugar made him cray cray! I didn’t even get a bite 🙁

Monemvasia Ry-2  Monemvasia Ry-3 Monemvasia Ry


As I mentioned there are loads of hikes up to the castle and I would definitely do this. You get great views over the water and can see why Monemvasia was such a prized piece of land over years.

Monemvasia-10 Monemvasia-11 Monemvasia-12 Monemvasia-13 Monemvasia-14 Monemvasia-15 Monemvasia-16 Monemvasia-17 Monemvasia-18 Monemvasia-19 Monemvasia-20 Monemvasia-21 Monemvasia-22 Monemvasia-23  Monemvasia hike

Read what happens next in Tiriza Taygetos (released 13 Dec).

The Macadame. xx

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