Restaurant Review: High Tea At The Burj Al Arab | Dubai, UAE

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Anyone who has been to the Burj al Arab know’s it’s the ultimate in over-the-top garish gluttony.

Although the building itself is architecturally interesting and unique, the styling is all that is wrong with design, in my humble opinion.

The High Tea may just be the cheapest way to get a sneak peak into the building. Unless you want to shell out $1000+ for the cheapest room. If you’ve got the cashola, you can pay up to $28,000 for a night (you get a car with that or something right?). No thanks.

Although note, you will need a reservation number to quote the guard when you arrive. Yes it’s that exclusive. I suppose you could book, quote your reservation to get in & look around then do a runner?

Upon arriving, you will see a giant layered fountain with escalators either side with an aquarium filled with tropical fish. It’s hard to see past the bling but I guess it’s kind of pretty.

Here are a few of my fav shots of inside the building…Burj al Arab 10 | Cream.Burj al Arab  | Cream.Burj al Arab 11 | Cream.

Burj al Arab 1 | Cream. Burj al Arab 2 | Cream. Burj al Arab 9 | Cream.

And I can’t even explain this odd computer chip hallway thing… wtf?Burj al Arab 3 | Cream.

Anyway, back to the good stuff. The High Tea. So us measly peasants arrived by taxi, sorry no heli or Rolls Royce for us.

Off we go in the elevator and upon exiting we are treated with a large replica of the Burj al Arab made from Swarovski crystal. Why I ask you? Was a 7 star building not enough? I guess not. And don’t get me started on the tacky Rolex clocks. Really? Is this an airport?

I digress. Perched up on the 27th floor, 200m above the sea, is the Skyview Bar with pretty much 360 views. From here you can see The Palm, The World’s Islands and the Burj Khalifa. I won’t lie, the views are impressive.

Unfortunately my battery died before we were served our food, so I have borrowed these gorgeous photos off the Ivory Avenue blog. I’m happy I stumbled across her blog, check her out for all things beauty and lifestyle.

Ivory Avenue blog Ivory Avenue blog 2 Ivory Avenue blog 3 Ivory Avenue blog 4 Ivory Avenue blog 5 Ivory Avenue blog 6 Ivory Avenue blog 7

And to soften the blow of the bill (it will set you back around $120), they even give you chocolates to take home… Ivory Avenue blog

I won’t lie, even though it’s completely over-the-top, it was kind-a fun sipping champagne & munching on cucumber sandwiches like a real fancy-pants.

The Macadame. xx


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