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Sorry to disappoint those who were hoping this was a weird tribute to that terrible 90’s track.

In fact, Ash got me thinking when she wrote a post on raw food and did a review on a new local raw restaurant in Perth.

I’m really interested in learning more about food and nutrition and thought to myself, “How is it that I don’t actually know what raw food is?”.

So after a bit of research, my understanding is that raw food is: nutritionally-dense, organic, uncooked and unprocessed foods. 

A lot of the research I found states that when food is cooked, certain toxins are created which can’t be metabolised if your diet composes of predominantly cooked foods. You’re basically consuming toxins faster than your body can eliminate them, hence causing a back up in your system and messing with the delicate acid/alkaline balance in your body. This can lead to diseases and excess weight.

Further to this, I also found research which states that heating food above 47 degrees Celsius, it causes chemical changes that create these acidic toxins, including carcinogens,  mutagens and free-radicals linked to diseases like heart disease, cancer, diabetes and arthritis.  Cooking can also destroy the live enzymes that aid in digestion. 

Sounds pretty depressing doesn’t it? Never eat cooked food? Not only does it sound boring, but it’s rather impractical.

But it doesn’t have to be.

Raw Food Life state that you only need to eat 75% of your food raw to maintain a good balance.

Of course you are going to eat some cooked food, but this way of eating is about cutting it down substantially and opting for a varied range of raw, nutrient rich and fresh produce.

Here are some ideas for sneaking more raw food into my diet:

  • Try to avoid cooked breakfasts, drink a breakfast smoothie instead.
  • Have salads for lunch, this doesn’t have to be boring, there are a million & 1 combos for delicious power salads.
  • Take fruit with me every where I go to avoid snacking on processed foods.
  • Try not to focus on the foods I will be eliminating, think about all the delicious raw foods I will be eating. There is no calorie counting in a raw food diet, if i’m hungry, i’ll eat. I will just make sure it’s the good stuff that will nourish me from the inside out.

In saying all this, it’s rather difficult to eat healthy when travelling, so whilst in London, I went on the hunt for a cool raw food cafe.

I stumbled across Wild Food Cafe. It’s a small, authentic cafe nestled into a level 1 space in Neals’ Yard.

Neal’s Yard is a bit of a hidden gem. There are only 2 alley ways leading up to it, and both are quite unsuspecting, so be on the look out for this sign.

Neils Yard | London | The Macadames - 1

After walking through a bit of an alley way, you will arrive at this colourful hidden garden housing a collection of shops & cafes.

Neils Yard | London | The Macadames - 2

Neils Yard | London | The Macadames - 5

Neils Yard | London | The Macadames - 3

I could easily have lost an afternoon pottering around the shops here but my stomach told me otherwise.

On the left of the yard, you’ll spot the cafe sign, leading you upstairs.

Wild Food Cafe | London | The Macadames - 13

As soon as you walk in you know it’s the real deal. Their decor and staff have that “loving earth” vibe.

We snagged a table right next to the window with nice views of the yard.

Wild Food Cafe | London | The Macadames - 10

Wild Food Cafe | London | The Macadames - 09

They even have stone grinders which they use to make their raw stone ground chocolate pralines.

Wild Foo d Cafe | London | The Macadames - 02

They always have specials on the go, so be sure to check them out too.

Wild Food Cafe | London | The Macadames - 01

We started with their smoothies which looked soooo good. Although at 6 quid a pop we almost didn’t.

The mister opted for the chocolate and date smoothie.

Wild Food Cafe | London | The Macadames - 04

I was slightly healthier and went with the green vegetable smoothie.

Wild Food Cafe | London | The Macadames - 03

Worth every pence I say!

It’s the perfect spot if you’re having a bad day.

Wild Food Cafe | London | The Macadames - 06

For lunch we went with the shiitake, raw olive & dulse burger with in-house cultured Wild Sauce, tomatillo salsa verde, caramelised onions, baba ganoush & crispy gem lettuce in a wholemeal sprouted organic bun.

Wild Food Cafe | London | The Macadames - 07

It tasted every bit as good as any meat burger i’ve had.

This is the wild felafel burger. Which is made from organic pistachio, olive & coriander superfood falafel balls, sprouted chickpea hummus, baba-ganoush, sprouted quinoa tabouleh, red pepper dressing, tahini on wholegrain bread.

Wild Food Cafe | London | The Macadames - 08

They also have a few dessert options which we couldn’t say no to. This is the chocolate berry tart. And can I tell you? Without dairy, sugar or wheat – i was blown away by how good it was.

Wild Food Cafe | London | The Macadames - 12

Of course we had to try the dairy-free Lemon Cheesecake too. After tasting it, I was sure there was a mistake. Nothing this good could be free from sugar, cream & cheese. The friendly staff appeased my worries advising they use coconut cream to get that cheesecake texture.

Wild Food Cafe | London | The Macadames - 11

Nothing short of genius! I will definitely be trying this at home one day soon, so stay tuned.

I would really love to see a restaurant like this in Canberra one day.

Read more on this venue on Wild Food Cafe on Urbanspoon. Please right click & open in new window.

I also noticed that they had flyers out for Raw Food Courses, which they hold once a month.  Later that day we tried to book into it for June but they were completely booked, so if you’re in London & interested. Make sure you book ahead!

On our way out we snapped a few pics against the cheery coloured walls.

From here you can look up to the buildings which are equally as bright & cheery.

Neils Yard | London | The Macadames - 6

If you’re that way inclined, I’d suggest popping on over to the British Museum which is just around the corner, you’ll need a fun & free activity after receiving the bill. Although it’s definitely worth every pence, it aint cheap as chips, but who wants greasy chips for lunch anyway?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the raw food movement? Pop your experience/ideas in the comments section!

Anisa – The Macadames. xx

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  • Reply Ash June 23, 2014 at 1:16 pm

    I find raw food really rich in flavour and don’t think I could have it all day every day. The desserts are especially rich (and can be quite high in calories too). But it is good for a change every now and then for something different. 🙂

  • Reply Anisa June 23, 2014 at 4:51 pm

    Agreed, it’s so rich! I do like food that way though! I love raw pizza!! Will try make it at home 🙂 mmmmm pizza.

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