Top 9 Places To Visit in Croatia

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Best Places To Visit In Croatia | The Macadames  - 4

Recently I was lucky enough to spend a full week with my gorgeous bestie Ash doing a Sail Croatia trip. Although it wasn’t quite our thing, we got to visit some very amazing places.

It was such fun spending the week with my dear friend. We live on opposite sides of the country and I am not exaggerating when I say that, we literally could not live further apart, so having this time was extra special.

Although there are so many beautiful places to visit in Croatia, here are my top 9.

1. Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik | Croatia | The Macadames  - 3

It’s no surprise Dubrovnik has been nicknamed the “Pearl of the Adriatic,” the beautiful old city of Dubrovnik is located at the southern tip of Croatia off the Adriatic Sea. Dubrovnik was established in the 7th century on maritime trade and was actually its own republic until 1808.  

Nowadays the Old Town boasts cobbled streets, quaint churches, high quality restaurants and a vibing nightlife. 

My favourite activity here is the wall walk which takes you along the entire length of the city walls, where you can enjoy picture perfect 360 views of the city and sea.

Dubrovnik | Croatia | The Macadames  - 5

Dubrovnik | Croatia | The Macadames  - 4

And a trip on the cable car is a must. You don’t get these views every day!

Dubrovnik | Croatia | The Macadames  - 6

Dubrovnik | Croatia | The Macadames  - 7

More information can be found on the Dubrovnik tourism website here.

2. Krk

Krk | Croatia | The Macadames  - 1

This wasn’t actually on my Sail Croatia trip but it was so beautiful I had to mention it. Krk is one of the largest Adriatic islands and offers a variety of attractions and experiences ranging from ancient towns, small rural villages, beautiful beaches and lively bars.

We stayed on Glavotok beach at Camp Glavotok, which was our favourite camp so far.

If you’re looking for a relaxing and picturesque holiday, look no further than Glavotok or the surrounding areas of Krk. The sunsets are second to none (except maybe Santorini).

Glavotok | Croatia | The Macadames  - 1

Krk | Croatia | The Macadames  - 2

More information can be found on the Krk tourism website here.

3. Split

Split | Croatia | The Macadames  - 1

Croatia’s second-largest city, Split, is located on a peninsula off the Dalmatian Coast. The city’s main attraction is its historic core of beautiful Gothic and Renaissance architecture, the Diocletian’s Palace as its crown jewel. Built by the Roman Emporor between 298 and 305 AD, the complex is more like a small city itself with a maze of marble walkways and buildings containing shops, cafes and bars.

We spent a few days wandering the old town, stopping to fuel up on Aperol Spritzers and gelati…

Split | Croatia | The Macadames  - 2

Split | Croatia | The Macadames  - 3

Luckily we also got to try a few of the restaurants, our favourites were Konoba Marjan and Dvor enough. Both restaurants don’t have menus online so don’t bother looking, just make a booking, you won’t regret it!

Konoba Marjan is a traditional seafood restaurant where the waiter brings you a platter with the day’s catch to help you choose. We had a selection of fish, risottos and salad.

Konoba Marjan | Split | Croatia | The Macadames  - 2

Konoba Marjan | Split | Croatia | The Macadames  - 1

Dvor serve traditional Mediterranean cuisine and I need to note the buratta salad, octopus and truffle pasta are to.die.for.

Dvor | Split | Croatia | The Macadames  - 1

Dvor | Split | Croatia | The Macadames  - 2

Dvor | Split | Croatia | The Macadames  - 3

More information can be found on the Split tourism website here.

4. Hvar

Hvar | Croatia | The Macadames  - 1

Famed for its beautiful landscapes, spectacular beaches, lavender fields and lush vineyards, Hvar is one of the most popular places to visit in Croaita. Hvar’s main city, Hvar Town, is a picturesque city, boasting 13th century walls, marble stone streets, Gothic palaces, stunning churches and an imposing old fortress. 

We wandered the streets, stopping at wine bars for fuel, filled up on sushi for dinner and then enjoyed a sunset walk over to a bar on the water called Falca Bar to chat away the night milling over local wine and cocktails.

Hvar | Croatia | The Macadames  - 4

Hvar | Croatia | The Macadames  - 2

More information can be found on the Hvar tourism website here.

5. Mljet

Mljet | Croatia | The Macadames  - 2

One of Croatia’s southernmost islands, Mljet Island and its stunning National Park are well worth the journey. You will be greeted with a sweeping expanse of greenery, littered with glittering saltwater lakes, dense pine forests and shaded lagoons, perfect for waiting out the summer heat. Mljet really is a paradise for outdoorsy people like us.

The second we docked, we hired bikes and set out to explore the national park on wheels. There is loads to do with biking trails, hiking, kayaking and even wreck diving if you’re into that kind of thing.

Mljet | Croatia | The Macadames  - 1

We had dinner a beautiful local restaurant, Barba Ive.

They even pick the mussels from the ocean right before your eyes. Talk about fresh!

Barba Ive | The Macadames  - 6

Mljet | Croatia | The Macadames  - 3

Mljet | Croatia | The Macadames  - 5

Mljet | Croatia | The Macadames  - 4

Mljet | Croatia | The Macadames  - 6

Oh and I almost forgot, make sure you ask for the local walnut liquor made by the owner’s mother. You will taste no better in Croatia! I promise you that!

More information can be found on the Mljet tourism website here.

6. Makarska

Makarska | Croatia | The Macadames - 1

Located half way between Dubrovnik and Split, Makarska is a popular spot on cruises and sailing trips. Its lively beaches and vibrant harbor set against the craggy peak of Mount Biokovo make it a very pretty spot to pull anchor. It’s also a very popular choice of location for local holidayers so expect pretty big crowds.

We spent the day wandering the town and then at night, tried the local Peka at Mirela restaurant.

Peka Makarska | Croatia | The Macadames  - 5

Peka Makarska | Croatia | The Macadames  - 4

Don’t forget to get gelati for dessert, Bounty Bar by far had the best in town!

It’s defiantly the perfect island for watching sunsets.

Makarska | Croatia | The Macadames  - 3

More information can be found on the Makarska tourism website here.

7. Pucisca

Pucisca | Croatia | The Macadames  - 1

Pucisca is a settlement in the middle part of the northern part of the island of Brac. The surrounding of Pucisca, like the whole island Brac, is famous for the production of olive-oil, vine, and figs. Since ages sheep and goats were raised. Thanks to the various Mediterranean plants and grasses, and the sea and mountain air on the higher locations Brac is a true paradise.

We only spent a night here and had easily the worst meal in Croatia – but the scenery was beautiful and I got to spend it with my bestie so who’s complaining!

Croatia | The Macadames  - 7

More information can be found on the Brac tourism website here.

8. Korcula

Korcula | Croatia | The Macadames  - 1

Have you heard of Marco Polo? Well, Korcula claims (along with Venice) to be the home town of this famous merchant. Korcula is a 50 km island located off Croatia’s Adriatic Coast. Expect lush green forests, vineyards, olive groves, sandy beaches and charming villages. The island’s main town is a historic, stone walled town with Venetian Renaissance architecture, vibrant markets and quaint restaurants. 

We spent the day wandering the cobbled streets, stopping for fish and chips at Fish’N’Go for lunch and gelati to follow. I highly recommend the same.

Fish n Go | Korcula | Croatia | The Macadames  - 1

More information can be found on the Korcula tourism website here.

9. Omis

Omis | Croatia | The Macadames  - 1

Situated in the mouth of the Cetina river, Omis is a small Central Dalmatian town and harbour located between Split and Makarska, surrounded with massive gorges. Omis is famed for its history of notorious pirates whose ships were a symbol of rebellion, strength and determination. Today Omis is one of the most beautiful spots on the Adriatic Coast.

We did a hike up to the fortress from the harbour and the views were simply spectacular.

Omis | Croatia | The Macadames - 2

Omis | Croatia | The Macadames - 3

More information can be found on the Omis tourism website here.

I’m going to miss my little munchkin! I hope we get to holiday again some time soon!

Croatia | The Macadames  - 8

Well, that about sums up my top 9 spots in Croatia, I’d love to hear your favourites, were they featured here or do I need to add them to my next trip?

Don’t forget to hashtag #travelwiththemacadames on your travel pictures – We love to see where you’re exploring!

Anisa – The Macadames. xx

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