Vanilla Bean and Coconut Rice Pudding With Spiked Poached Pears | Anisa Sabet | The Macadames-21-2

Vanilla Bean & Coconut Rice Pudding With Spiked Poached Pears {GF, Vegan, RSF}

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Buckwheat Earl Grey Waffles Dark Chocolate And Mint | Anisa Sabet | The Macadames-16-2

Buckwheat Earl Grey Waffles With Dark Chocolate & Mint {GF, Vegan, RSF}

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Apple & Cinnamon Porridge {Vegan, RSF}

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Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Pancakes | Anisa Sabet | The Macadames-6-2

Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Pancakes {RSF, DF}

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How To Make Chia Jam | Anisa Sabet | The Macadames-4-2

Homemade: Chia Jam

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Dark Chocolate Orange Smoothie | Anisa Sabet | The Macadames-16

Dark Chocolate Orange Smoothie {Vegan, RSF}

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Banana Breakfast Cream | Anisa Sabet | The Macadames-7

Chai Spiced Breakfast Cream {Vegan, RSF}

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Vanilla Yoghurt Bowl With Toasted Chocolate Pecan Oats | Anisa Sabet | The Macadames-16-2

Vanilla Yoghurt Bowl With Toasted Chocolate Pecan Oats {RSF}

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Banana and Nutmeg Frozen Smoothie Bowl | Anisa Sabet | The Macadames-15-2

Banana & Nutmeg Frozen Smoothie Bowl {Vegan, RSF}

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DIY Creamed Honey | Anisa Sabet | The Macadames-2-2

Homemade: Creamed Honey

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Maple Pecan Granola | Anisa Sabet | The Macadames-7-2

Maple Pecan Granola {Vegan, RSF}

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Cinnamon Baked Ricotta | Anisa Sabet | The Macadames-15-3

Cinnamon Baked Ricotta

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Portuguese Baked Eggs | Anisa Sabet | The Macadames-3-2

Portuguese Baked Eggs

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Cherry + Espresso Baked Oatmeal Cups | Anisa Sabet | The Macadames-19-3

Cherry + Espresso Baked Oatmeal Cups {GF + Sugar free}

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Choc-Hazelnut Granola | Anisa Sabet | The Macadames-47-2

Choc-Hazelnut Granola {Sugar free}

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Banana Pancakes | Anisa Sabet | The Macadames-5

Banana Pancakes {Vegan + GF options}

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Vegan Strawberry Milk | Anisa Sabet | The Macadames-4-3

Strawberry Milk {Vegan, RSF}

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Easy Breakfast Recipe: Chai Poached Pears

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