How To Become An Affiliate

Thanks for your interest in The Macadames affiliate program.

You might be asking yourself what is an affiliate program? Affiliate programs offer web site owners and bloggers a way to sell another company’s products or services and receive a commission when a sale occurs.

The Macadames has an affiliate program for SCOOP, an eBook off 30 vegan and refined sugar free ice cream recipes. If someone purchases a copy of SCOOP after clicking on one of your affiliate links then you get 50% of the sale. Not bad hey?

Even better, the person doesn’t have to make a purchase right away. The affiliate cookie lasts for 6 months. So if the individual comes back anytime within 6 months and decides to buy, then you still get your 50% of the sale! Cool right?

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To make it easy, here is a step by step on how to join our affiliate programme

1. Go to Click2Sell.

The Macadames Affiliate Programme Sign Up

2.  Put in your user details. Don’t forget to click the box that says as an Affiliate, you want to be paid your commissions via PayPal.

The Macadames Affiliate Programme User Details

3. You should see this message and then please check your email to activate your registration.

The Macadames Affiliate Programme User Registered

4. Click through the activation link in your email.

The Macadames Affiliate Programme Email Confirmation

5. You should be taken through to a screen that looks like this. Go to the linked marked with a red arrow.

The Macadames Affiliate Programme User Activated

That’s IT! Congratulations! If someone clicks on your link, comes to The Macadames, and makes a purchase of SCOOP, then you get 50% of the sale.

Have more questions? Our FAQ are here.